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About Us

Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy.......


Sable Yarns originally started life in 2010 when I first began to knit longies and soakers for babies and decided to try my hand at dyeing my own yarn to use and perhaps sell some on the side.  The business was originally called Knittybots (you can still find it on Facebook if you want to look at a little bit of our history), but after a few years the yarn dyeing side had far outgrown the knitting side, so we re-branded as Sable Yarns.

Sable is very much a family business, with my husband often helping out with the dyeing, packing and post runs, and also making wooden products such as sock blockers and shawl pins to complement my yarns.  We have big plans for his side of the business in the future, so watch this space!  

All our yarn is hand dyed in our little cottage kitchen and our supplier prioritises animal welfare in their sourcing.

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